UTIA is Utah's network of translators, interpreters and language professionals.


Our meetings create opportunities to meet other language professionals and share ideas with people who have been in the business for many years. We strive to create friendly environments where everyone is welcome.


We participate in learning and training opportunities that are planned and taught by professionals in our fields. The topics covered are pertinent and useful.

Professional Exposure

Include your name in UTIA's language professional directory.

Utah Translators and Interpreters Association

The Utah Translators and Interpreters Association (UTIA) is a group of working translators and interpreters in Utah.

UTIA is a non-profit organization comprised of, and formed by, language professionals in the state of Utah, and it is an affiliated group of the American Translators Association.

UTIA’s goal is to advance and elevate the quality and availability of language services in Utah, and work for the development of our profession.

This association is driven by dedicated professional volunteers and would love your help too. We are also looking forward to cooperating with peers in other translation and interpretation organizations and entities.